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By inspiring young children through coaches who are role models and can relate to them, and through positive experiences of training and competition, we create the foundation for a lifelong love of sport and staying active. (Starts August 1st)







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What is the best way to nurture and develop children into becoming good athletes? How do you balance hard training while ensuring their efforts are sustainable? It varies from athlete to athlete, but a few common themes crop up again and again:


Children love playing, and if a sport is fun, they will enjoy it more. Making activities exciting, fun and interesting will keep children engaged and wanting to do more.


Children need to develop a full range of physical skills such as balance, agility, speed and coordination. The hard training that all world-class athletes must do as adults calls for bodies which are robust and well-rounded.


Just having a go is the way we all start a new activity, regardless of our age or ability. Giving a sport a try, even if it doesn’t go well, is the first step.

the program

will consist of:

Individual Player’s Evaluation

  • Soccer focused activities
  • Performance benchmarks weekly/monthly/yearly
  • Athletic development goals, strategies and planning for each area such a movement and breathing.
  • Fundamental Movement Skill
  • Familiarize kids with gym equipment, rules, safety
  • Fundamental Movement Skill
  • Exercise Progressions
  • Hydration
  • Meal Planning
  • Game Day Meal Planning
  • Post Game / Training Meal Planning
  • Fuel for Success

Monthly evaluations

Trainers available virtually daily.

In person trainers available (Times TBD)

Young players will begin their transition to a professional environment where they will be more responsible for their development and allowed to achieve their goals.
They will be given the opportunity to feel what it is like to be a professional athlete while simultaneously remaining kids.

Parents will be able to follow their kid’s program and discuss it with coaches. Programs will be available at the beginning of the season and planned in advanced with a specific calendar based on Team’s activities and games.

All athletes’ workouts can be done at home/outside – no gym memberships necessary.

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$50 Monthly