Where Our Children Play

Summer Soccer Camp

Play, Grow, Thrive: Beyond Just a Game

Welcome to an adventure in sports and personal growth – the WOCP Summer Soccer Camp 2024. We are excited to unveil a unique experience that blends the joy of soccer with life-enriching education and personal development.
Our goal is to create not just players, but well-rounded individuals who can excel on and off the field.
Founded on the ethos of providing inclusive and comprehensive sporting experiences, Where Our Children Play (WOCP) is a global leader in nurturing young talent. We stand as a testament to the belief that sports can be a transformative tool for youth, teaching them invaluable lessons in teamwork, resilience, and integrity.
This summer, our camps in Henderson, NV will open their doors to young athletes aged 6-18, offering an exhilarating mix of soccer training, life skills workshops, and mental wellness education. Additionally, for teenagers aged 15-18, we introduce our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program, designed to cultivate leadership and coaching skills.
Our camps will be vibrant hubs where children can:
Engage in Fun and Exciting Soccer Training: From beginner to advanced levels, our coaches will guide each child through skill development, tactical understanding, and a deep appreciation for the sport.
Learn Crucial Life Skills: Beyond soccer, we emphasize the importance of nutrition, mental health, and social responsibility, equipping our campers with knowledge and skills that transcend the sport.
Experience Holistic Development: Our approach is geared towards nurturing the physical, mental, and emotional growth of every participant, helping them to thrive in all aspects of life.
At WOCP, we believe every child has the potential to be a star. Our camps are more than a sporting event; they are a journey of discovery, learning, and joy. We welcome children from all walks of life to join us in this exciting endeavor, where each kick of the ball brings them closer to realizing their dreams and potential.
Join us this summer and experience the magic of “Play, Grow, Thrive: Beyond Just a Game.”