Every Child Deserves to Be Their Hero

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Our children need us. Our children are not extensions of ourselves that we can mold to live up to the ideal that we have dreamt of in our minds. Every child is born as a perfect individual with the optimal level of innocence, playfulness, and uniqueness. As mature adults, our responsibility is not to impose our beliefs on them and forcefully push them into blind conformity. 

Contrary to popular belief, children can serve as teachers if we let them. They don’t adjust their behavior to fit societal expectations. Children play for the joy of the sport – not to prove something to others with their wins. Children need a nurturing environment that supports and encourages them to grow without the pressure to perform. 

Where Our Children Play is a non-profit organization that is rooted in serving the children to enable them to continue shining as the best version of themselves. This NGO is an established global network of individuals and organizations driven to meet the needs of young athletes, their families, and coaches. 

Our mission is to build strong relationships between adults and children. We are responsive to the needs of our children on and off the field. We ensure our children feel seen, heard, and loved. We do our best not to influence them with our expectations and standards. We seek to provide them with the space and resources to create their ideal experience.

Great results require strong collaboration, and we need your help.

Where Our Children Play has collaborated with Chesapeake Films, a full-service production company, in creating the documentary film Where Our Children Play: The Challenge of Youth Sports. This documentary stresses the importance of putting our children as they are our priority and the film exposes the toxic nature of hyper-competitive youth sports culture. 

Sports are taking an emotional toll on our children, families, and community. These harmful practices are not acceptable. The confidence of children is suffering, and we need to shift the dialogue to one that is more empowering for them. We are determined to display promising solutions that will allow children to thrive in healthy environments where they can develop the necessary life skills and friendships that will prepare them for a lifetime of success on their terms.

Play is vital because passion is always an extension of play. We urge you not to rob the joy of our children and take the playfulness away from our children because play is the fuel that keeps the passion burning inside them. Please join our cause to serve our children because their optimistic future lies in your support. 

Let’s bring our dream to reality. Let’s raise $200,000 for our children’s new beginning. 

These are the following tiers (subject to change):

  1. Up to $1000 – Recognition for your support in the thank you credits in the film and social media awareness)
  2. $5,000 and $10,000 – Sponsorship packages
  3. 25,000 – Exclusive Associate Producer credit in the film and membership benefits with the organization.
  4. $50,000 – Exclusive Executive Producer credit in the film, membership benefits with the organization.
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